Gorgeous Apartment on a MOST Prestigious Street – Featured Apartment September

This large one bedroom with a truly stunning courtyard is an absolute gem!  The ave Junot is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Montmartre. The charming neighborhood street is lined with immaculately maintained “villas” giving it a village appearance which is completely unique to this avenue.  It is well shaded with a canopy of trees and several art deco buildings that allow visitors to literally step into the history of the area.
The avenue Junot was created between 1910-1912 in an area known as the “Maquis de Montmartre”. It owes its name to General Jean-Andoche Junot (1771-1813), Duke of Abrantes. The avenue was originally called “Storm of the Avenue,” the nickname of Jean-Andoche.
The large apartment is perfect for business or vacationing travelers alike with 2 desks/work ares and quiet privacy.  The WiFi extends to the courtyard for peaceful afternoon work or play online.  The remodeled interior and historic exterior is a rare find in Paris and we highly recommend it to 1-3 travelers as in addition to the double bed, it also boasts a large sofa perfect to accommodate a 3rd guest.
florian terrace
Bisous from Paris!

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