Paris toujours, Paris mon amour

It’s been a rough few days in Paris. Following the attacks of the 13th of November, we have all been under a state of shock and deep sadness. So I will begin by paying my respects to the families who have lost loved ones on this tragic day, I wish you love and courage to overcome these hard times.

After the weekend I found it hard to set foot outside, but the second I did so I was overwhelmed by the wave of solidarity and strength taking place around me. The French will not fold to the terror inflicted upon them, and with the deep values of their culture life continues, the terraces and cafes are still packed with Parisians drinking wine, eating well and laughing loudly, nothing will take this away from them, and they will continue doing it with pride.

So if you are around or will be soon, like most Parisians do, light a little candle at your window in memory of the lost ones and take yourself for a glass of wine at one of Paris’s many beautiful bustling terraces.




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