The Davis Moon Project

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As you may already know, Take me to Paris fully supports The Davis Moon Project, in fact ten percent of all profits go Directly to the Davis moon’s primary school and literacy efforts in Ethiopia.

That is why this week part of the Take me to Paris team is in Ethiopia, where they are currently doing some amazing work bringing basic medical supplies for the school including a new stethoscope, thermometer, antiseptic materials, eye drops, ear drops, ibuprofen, and antibiotics as well as school materials for the orphans, new uniforms for the eight new teachers, and four new blackboards for the classrooms. During this mission they also brought shoes for all the children of the school. This may sound quite basic yet it truly means the world to these kids who, for the most of them would be out on the streets with no further hope of education if it weren’t for this school. 


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So we really want to thank the owners, guests and donors who make this project possible and help us bring health and literacy to these amazing students.

The children and teachers here are so grateful and it is immensely touching to see the direct impact this project brings to all of them. 


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If you would like to learn more about the Davis Moon Project or make a donation please visit the links bellow:


Thanks to all of you!

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